Why Do People React Differently To THC?

There are many people that enjoy the effects of marijuana but there can be a number of effects that THC can have on a person. There are many sensations that people can experience from a marijuana high. Some people feel as though they have appetite improvements, alleviation from stress, and others can see improvements to anxiety. There are a number of positive ways that cannabis can affect a person but it is also known to have some negative effects as well. THC is a psychoactive component to marijuana and it has been blamed for triggering a wide range of responses in people from paranoia to ongoing euphoria. There has not been a proper scientific explanation on why THC affects us in different ways but we do have some idea on the main triggers for the difference of effects.

The Mood We Are In

The brain chemistry baseline we have as we are using THC can often change the way that it affects us. THC can affect our brain negatively if we are already experiencing symptoms of negativity. Many people that are facing paranoid thoughts will often have them intensified on THC and the same can be said for people that are having a bad mood or feeling down on themselves.

Our Biology

Our genes can also have an effect on the way that THC is absorbed. Not all receptors will absorb THC evenly and there are some people that are much more susceptible to THC due to genetics. Cannabis may affect the brain of someone that has some susceptibility to cannabis.

With future studies into the way that THC affects our brains, we can have a better indication of the way that marijuana can influence us. When we find out more about the way marijuana can affect our brain chemistry, we may be able to have more predictable results and better recommendations for strains on people that would like to get specific desired results from their marijuana use.

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