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Smart IV Pumps Medical Saviors

In the medical industry it is so important to be accurate. One simple mistake can cause lots of issues and even death. Companies are working hard to find ways to make sure mistakes in the medical field do not happen.

In our hospitals and clinics we now have machines that calculate blood pressure and temperature. Hospitals have scanners to scan medical bar codes on bracelets and paperwork for patients. These machines are built for further safety of the patients.

Another machine that is being used is the electronic iv pump. These pumps provide medications to patients over a certain time frame. Improvements on these pumps and what they can do is growing daily. The newest pumps such as a Baxter Smart IV Pump have all sorts of neat helpful functions.

The more important function of the new pumps is to minimize errors in the transportation of dosage information. Once the patient is prescribed medication and the dosage for the prescription is set the information is automatically sent to the pump. The pump sets itself to serve the patients medication needs. Orders go directly from the EMR to the pump which eliminates some inputting errors. These new pumps are programmed with a patient’s bar code and every time a EMR order with that bar code is scanned the pump reads it. The pump also auto documents the information into the patient’s medical records saving so much time for other important care.

The new pumps do line checks to make sure there is no channel mix ups, and they have visual indicators for each medication. Companies work hard to save time important to doctors and nurses by using these pumps. The pumps also save many lives.

Medication mix ups have caused many deaths in the past, but with the newest pump technology a drug library is offered. The internal drug library not only alerts nurses and doctors when something dangerous is potentially prescribed, it also alerts them when there is a change of any kind with the patient’s medicine.

Reports such as this one highlight the fact these pumps work wireless. Companies work to make the pumps easy to move. Their small sleek designs keep them from being in the way of other important medical help.

In 2002 the first smart pump was created for infusion purposes. Constant improvements kept the pumps on the medical market. From 2007 until now the use of these pumps in hospitals have tripled according to information found in medical reports.

These Iv pumps are very expensive but companies have worked to lower costs so that all the hospitals can afford to have them. The cost of pumps range from 2000 -6000 dollars per pump. Hospitals agree they are well worth the cost. The pumps are costly but are still used in home care as well as hospitals. The pumps can be rented out so that patients at home can afford to receive the best care available. These Iv pumps have improved the world by saving lives and time everywhere.