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Prefabricated Nursing & Healthcare Pods

With the overcrowded hospitals in the UK and the NHS under so much stress, many healthcare professionals have been desperately on the lookout for a better solution to treat Covid-19 patients. Prefabricated Nursing & Healthcare Pods could be the ideal solution for any hospital or healthcare facility helping COVID-19 patients to recover. These COVID-19 Healthcare & Nursing Pods with Rapid Prefabricated Construction can be deployed rapidly and at scale in the UK in response to Covid-19.

What are Prefabricated Nursing and Healthcare pods?

This is an advanced modular system that has been purpose designed to help convert existing hospital rooms and buildings into safer spaces for those with Covid-19, as well as creating completely new healthcare facilities in open spaces and meeting emergency requirements. These installations allow for high standards of hygiene and infection control, not only due to the special way they are designed but the technology and materials included. The available solutions range from one acute medical care pod to large-scale healthcare and nursing pod installations.

More About Healthcare & Nursing Pods with Rapid Prefabricated Construction

These rapidly deployable healthcare pod solutions can be deployed almost anywhere, far faster than any other supplier out there. The acute care rooms utilise DIRTT modular technology to adapt existing healthcare interiors and can even convert non-medical spaces for healthcare or fit-out temporary structures such as mobile buildings. While these pods do not need to be exclusively used as a response to the Covid-19 crisis, they are extremely effective when utilised in this manner and help hospitals to provide a safer and more advanced level of care for all.

The healthcare pods have various uses; they can become triage, treatment and administration spaces, drive-through testing stations or isolation suites. A solution can be tailored to suit your specific needs and the conditions at your chosen site. The advanced technology available can then be put into place to build what you need rapidly.

Healthcare & Nursing Pods with Rapid Prefabricated Construction Options

There are a few options depending on what you require. Your Healthcare & Nursing Pods can be built including walls, doors, power and medical gas systems, all depending on your unique specifications. They are created using extreme precision in a controlled factory in just a few days and will be shipped straight to your site for a fast installation and immediate usage. A fast response to covid-19 is required to stop the spread and help patients to recover, and no bespoke solution is created and delivered quite as promptly as this one.

The pod systems are also designed with disassembly in mind, which ensures fast maintenance and easy adjustments as they are needed. This makes for better infection prevention, too, with the technology included in the walls behind cleanable surfaces, as well as the hospital grade finishes that are included in the design. The solutions can be repurposed time and time again, securing the investment you make and adapting to changing needs with minimal disruption. This means that once infection rates are down and the pods are no longer required for covid-19 patients, they can be repurposed in a myriad of other ways, and will continue to make for efficient healthcare spaces, or even become a brand-new environment.

With the help of these rapidly fabricated healthcare pods, you will deliver care ahead of schedule, as we create the pod and install it on site in a fraction of the time that ordinary construction requires. There is simply no time to wait when it comes to getting the pandemic under control, and we know that the solution we provide will make a notable difference to hospitals and other UK healthcare sites.

The pods available can be customised to your designed specification, too. This means that you can ensure the pods are going to fulfil your needs before ordering and that they can be reused later down the line. We know that these rooms will revolutionise how patients are being treated for Covid-19 in the UK, and that they will make treatment far more comfortable and safer for all.

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