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Learn about Sharpsmart and know its Benefits

Nature provides almost all useful and wonderful things. From attractive sights to food & shelter. As industry and society advances, there are a lot of establishments exist. Thus people must be diligent in helping nature to be safe.  Though, often unintentionally humans have the most harmful impact on the environment.

Yet there are so many ways in which people can help the environment. It is essential to have a clean environment. Not only to have healthy living but the survival of all living things. Every individual must be responsible for protecting the environment. This includes proper waste management disposal. Factories, clinics, restaurants, and other establishments must take seriously this matter.

A well-known service provider of sharps, clinical and hazardous waste disposal named Sharpsmart.

What is Sharpsmart?

Sharpsmart provides a dramatic shift from the traditional waste compound approach. It was founded 12 years ago with a very simple vision and a single aim which is to save lives. There are thousands of healthcare facilities in the United Kingdom. That depends on Sharpsmart sharps container and services. They do not exist just to collect and transport your clinical waste. With more than 30 years of experience, they have partnerships with their customers.

Below are the Sharpsmart Container Safety Features

  1. Gravity Balanced Safety Tray- safety tray limit hand-access. Sharps free away from the user into the collector.
  2. Greatest Strength Hardened Plastic- impenetrable by contained sharps.
  3. Temporary Front Lock- temporary locking closure which gives safe movement for collectors.
  4. Check Content Levels- clear view window recognize the fill level of the collector. Without having messy content.
  5. Eliminates Overfilling- tray defaults to a fully locked upright position. When contents hit the most fill capacity.
  6. Wide Opening- largest deposition area in the industry. Permits for single-handed disposal of sharps. Contents protection shield removes the risk of needlestick injuries.
  7. Tamper-proof- permanent sidelocks stop a collector from being reopened when full. Removes unauthorized access to contents.
  8. No Leak Seal- engineered lid seal removes leakage of blood during transport.

What are Sharpsmarts Benefits?

  • Daniels containers are hygienically washed through a strong robotic washing process. Which gets the most important bacterial load reduction in the industry.
  • Bigger volume containers lessen pick-up frequencies and associated sharps disposal costs.
  • Superior safety advanced design with tamper-proof security locks. Protective safety tray reducing the risk of sharps injury or contamination.
  • Sharpsmart containers are fitted with a water-tight seal. That protects leakage and is transported compliant.
  • Reduces plastic waste by 3.5 tons per annum, reduces total waste by 3.9 tons per annum. Shows a 51% reduction in container exchange per annum.

Sharpsmart begins with understanding your needs. They look at how clinical waste management reflects the healthcare environment. And its result on the protection of staff and patients. For more information, you can visit