Things You Have to Do Before You Go into Labor

Once you learn that your family is going to be adding a new member or a few, you’ll probably start racing to get everything done on time. There are many things to take care of, so it’s only natural that some might slip your mind, especially if you’re dealing with pregnancy brain and forgetfulness. To help you out, we created a list of matters you need to handle before you go into labor. Take a look.

Get the nursery ready

While this is something that you will surely not forget, there are some items you might overlook. Besides the crib or bassinet, you will need plenty of storage, so invest in wardrobes and drawers. Even if it might not seem so, babies have a lot of clothes and toys, and you need enough space to put everything away. Additionally, you can look for a changing table and an armchair that will make it easy to nurse your little one. Finally, make sure the safety of the room is your top priority. With that in mind, purchase sturdy and stable pieces, eliminate any suffocation hazards, and properly air the room after painting.

Wash baby clothes and blankets

Although there is no need to wash every single piece of clothing that you got for your baby, you want to have enough clean clothes so that you can dress your little one with no trouble for at least a week. Your baby’s skin is sensitive and clothes that haven’t been washed can irritate it. Therefore, look for a baby-friendly detergent that has no dyes or scents and wash your baby’s clothes, blankets, and other items that will come in contact with their skin.

Pack a bag

Even though your baby might be on time, you could also go into labor earlier than expected. This is why it’s essential that you pack a bag with all the essentials you’ll need while in the hospital. From preparing all the necessary documentation to making sure you never run out of battery on your phone by bringing a power bank along, there are many things to think about. Of course, lightweight clothing, sleepwear, warm socks, a robe, nursing pads, and various toiletries should all find a place in your bag. Make sure you and your partner always know where the bag is so that you can quickly grab it.

Prepare meals in advance

Just like you won’t have a lot of time to wash baby clothes once you give birth, you also won’t have much time for cooking. To make sure you have nice meals after you return from the hospital, you can do some meal prep before you go into labor. There are many recipes you can make, freeze, and simply reheat when hungry. Your partner can prepare some in their spare time and perhaps even your relatives. That way, you will have more time to spend with your little bundle of joy.

Keep some mementos of the pregnancy

You will be rather glad once you give birth as you will have your little one in your arms. However, you might miss this precious time, so make some memories while you’re still pregnant. While taking as many photos as you can is a great approach, you can consider some other unique pregnancy mementos that will help you remember this special period of your life. For instance, you can preserve your pregnancy test. However, if you got rid of that already, you can still make a cast of your baby bump or get a heartbeat teddy bear. Then, you can also keep a journal of your pregnancy or make a mixtape with the songs you listened to during this time and enjoy it whenever you’re feeling sentimental.

Find a quality pediatrician

In case you haven’t opted for a pediatrician yet, this is also something you want to handle before your baby arrives. That means that you can easily schedule an appointment and not have to wait at the hospital with your little one in tow as the nurses give you the options and tell you when you can come back. Ask your friends with babies for recommendations and look online to see which local pediatricians have the best reviews.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll have nothing to worry about once you go into labor.