Fun Ways to Give Yourself a New Look in the New Year!

Sometimes, the only bright spot about winter is the promise of a new year. While it’s technically just a symbolic, ceremonious day, it feels like a fresh start, from shedding bad habits to sporting a new look! Here are some fun and trendy moves you can make to improve your style next year!

A New Hairdo

Let’s start at the top…of your head! Changing up your hairstyle is one of the best ways to dramatically switch your look. For something different, think about hair extensions White Plains NY, or maybe a new color!

Bold Accessories

Accessories can really make a splash when done well. While you want to coordinate clothing and jewelry, feel free to go big and loud with bags or phone cases. Bright colors and patterns, over-sized designs, and bedazzling are all great ways to compliment your style.

Doll it Up!

Doll dresses are huge right now. If it works with your body type, pair them with tall boots for a look that’s somehow both vintage and futuristic. You can also take this in a more conservative or dressy direction with a sleeveless baby doll dress worn under a sweater or jacket, or a slightly more formal jasmine dress worn with heels or ankle boots. Warm yourself up with tights or leggings if you need to!

Dare to Crop

There are several different hot crop styles that are very in right now, some of which will even work in cold weather. Let’s start with the traditional crop top. What’s really in right now is a throwback to the late ‘80s/early ‘90s of wearing a bra top under a jacket or sweater; showing a hint of mid-riff. If you have the midsection for it, a crop sweater is a cool casual look that won’t make you freeze. If you want to show less skin but still embrace the style, go with a short, crop jacket coupled with high waisted jeans or slacks.

Add a Touch of Gold

Yellow and Marigold are emerging as the “in” colors as the year winds down. Don’t think about autumnal yellow as an accent to make browns and beiges pop. Rather, make yellow the focus, spreading a sunny look into the gloomy winter sea of blacks and grays. It’s a fun, bold color that will make you stand out! It’s also very easy to accessorize with green, purple, black, or silver pieces.