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Cottonmouth: Why Do People get it?

If an individual feels their mouth starts to get dry and sticky; it is getting tougher to speak and swallow; there is a good chance that you are experiencing cotton or dry oral mucosa. We will take a closer look at what this symptom is, and why things like food, stress, cannabis, smoking tobacco, or medication can cause this uncomfortable and annoying cotton-ball-feeling, as well as make simple tasks like swallowing and eating increasingly tricky.

What is cottonmouth?

This syndrome is also known as xerostomia or dryness of the mouth. It is defined by the ADA or the American Dental Association as a problem when salivary glands and the oral mucosa do not produce enough spit or saliva to keep the oral mucosa adequately hydrated. It could be because of behavior, habit, side effects of medications, or in some instances, an indication of an underlying problem.

Check out this site for more info about the ADA.

When salivary glands start to slow down their saliva production, it provides people the parched, dry feeling that can make people’s lives pretty awkward and uncomfortable. The proper production of saliva plays a significant role in oral health because not only does saliva or spit keep the oral mucosa hydrated, it also a very crucial factor when it comes to digesting food, regulating the acidity or basicity of the mouth as well as minimizing the damaging bacteria that can cause cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Typical symptoms of dry oral mucosa:

Sore throat

Stringy saliva

A hoarse or raspy voice

An unquenchable and constant thirst

A feeling of dryness in the throat

Difficulty swallowing and speaking

Parched or sticky sensation in the mouth

Trouble sporting dentures

Problems tasting beverages and food

Tingling or burning sensations in the tongue and mouth

Why do people get these problems?

There are a lot of reasons why people get this problem, and it can range from smoking tobacco, eating particular types of foods, using cannabis or marijuana, prescription or over-the-counter medications to stress and natural part of aging.

Medical or clinical causes of dry mouth include:

Using of illegal substances or narcotics

Chewing tobacco

Smoking cannabis or medical marijuana






Common pharma prescriptions

Common OTC medications

Eating salty or spicy foods

Drinking caffeine-loaded drinks like coffee

Consuming too many alcoholic drinks

Smoking cigars or cigarettes

Why saliva is essential

The proper production of spit or saliva is significant in people’s lives since it serves a lot of roles in maintaining good oral health. It can also make daily aspects of our lives like swallowing and talking more manageable.

Healthy production of saliva can:

Allow mouth to stay hydrated

Help people to digest food

Cleanse the oral mucosa

Maintain a healthy acidity or basicity level of the mouth, so gums and teeth remain healthy

Help avoid dental or oral infections from damaging bacteria

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How does smoking cause cottonmouth?

There is no doubt about it; for people to have good oral health, they need healthy gums. Smoking cannabis or tobacco products is considered one of the most harmful habits when it comes to dental health. It is known to restrict the blood flow to other parts of our body, like the mouth and gums.

When people have their healthy blood flow minimized, it can lead to dental health problems like gum diseases. Not only that, nicotine in tobacco products is known to minimize the flow of saliva in the oral mucosa. It can lead to problems like cottonmouth from smoking, which can cause unpleasant issues like cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Ways to treat this problem

Drink a lot of water

Use products with xylitol

Eliminate or minimize foods or drinks loaded with sugar

Regularly suck ice cubes

Eliminate or minimize drinks loaded with caffeine

Increase the moisture inside the house by using humidifiers

Avoid eating salty or spicy foods

Quite chewing or smoking tobacco

Minimize alcohol intake

Use gums or mint with no sugar approved by experts like everyday sober or American Dental Association

Suppose you have tried the solutions mentioned above to fight this symptom from smoking and are still feeling uncomfortable sensations or dryness in the mouth. In that case, experts suggest that you try some proven solutions to relieve these symptoms. There are proven mouthwashes that can help relieve minor symptoms of dryness in the mouth and help prevent or eliminate bad breath for twelve hours with every rinse.