Facts About The Best Marijuana Detox For A Drug Test

People do all kinds of test throughout their lives. Some are done at school, college; others are requested at the workplace from your boss. You can’t turn down your boss because it will make you look like a suspect. Drug tests are not an unusual thing around the world. They test the employee’s reliability and performance. Also, they take care of the safety issue in the company. You can easily hurt yourself or someone else while on drugs. So you see why when running a successful business, it is essential that the employer has reliable employees that they can trust.

Moreover, you might not smoke at your job, but the THC metabolites can stay in the system for a very long time. For those that smoke practically every day, it will be a long process before they completely get rid of the toxins from their bodies. This is especially bad if you have a drug test coming up and you need to fool everyone that you’re clean. This will secure your workplace and the complete trust in your boss. First and foremost, you’ll need some products to use if you want to detox completely. Here are some of them:

A detox shampoo

If you’re facing a hair drug test, then purchasing a detox shampoo is the perfect solution for the problem. You can easily find these types of products. They might be in your local drugstores, sitting on the shelves, waiting for someone to buy them. A lot of people use them and are quite satisfied with the results in the end. That’s why you should give it a shot as well. If drugstores are not an option, then try ordering them online and wait for the package. Click on the link to find more information about the subject https://www.healthline.com/health/hair-detox#how–to.

Furthermore, on each package, there will be a description of the product. You can see what the product is made of and how does it help the hair follicles. Be sure to read the instructions as well. Following them carefully will ensure that the hair is clean of toxins and ready to be tested. The test administrators need only a sample of your hair to check it.

Make sure to start the washing a couple of days before the test for the effect to be achieved. If you smoke regularly, then start washing the hair 10-15 days before doing the test. If you smoke occasionally, then you’ll only need 4-5 days before the hair is totally clear of drugs.

A detox kit

Detox kits are pretty easy to find as well. Your company might be selling them without you knowing about. Always make sure to ask people that have had a similar experience to help you out. A detox kit is a package that contains different types of products to help you with your detox.

Some of them are pills and liquids. Same as the shampoo, each item has instructions attached on it. Follow them thoroughly and be patient with the process. There are different types of kits for different weed users. Pick one that will aid you the most.

Moreover, some people get paranoid right after the test. That’s why they order a test at home to try out first. If this calms your mind, then you should try it as well. Test administrators can notice the fear in your eyes right before taking the test. They can tell right away if you use drugs on not. If the test at home turns out to be negative, then you can walk into the lab feeling confident and secure that the result will turn out negative as well. Don’t interfere with drugs with the process of detoxication.


Do you know how important it is to drink water every day? It’s not just for passing a drug test; it’s good for the health as well. Hydration will not entirely remove the metabolites from the system, but it will help speed up the process while you’re detoxing.

Also, a lot of natural juices, like cranberry or drinking lemonade will have a positive effect as well. They are rich in vitamins and will flush out the toxins in no time. Just remember that they will not entirely eliminate the toxins. You still have to use the recommended products above.

Moreover, if you want to hydrate yourself more often, then do a lot of physical exercises. By sweating you are removing some of the toxins as well. Not only that, but it will make you drink a lot of water and then pee it through the system. A combination with a kit or a detox shampoo with hydration will get you clean in no time. Also, it is crucial to stop smoking altogether, especially now that you know that your boss does drug tests on their workers. It’s better to avoid trouble, rather than to deal with it later.

A detox drink

These are quite popular as well. As the name suggests, it is a type of liquid that requires you drinking it. Also, it’s a lot cheaper version than buying a detox kit. However, this type of drink will only temporarily mask the THC metabolites and not entirely rid them from the body. The effect is very short-timed, and it will serve you just to pass the drug test. Of course, this once again depends on how much you smoke marijuana. For heavy users, it won’t be enough just to drink this liquid. Click here to find out more.

If you want to be on the safe side, then it is better to go with a detox kit to be 100% certain of the outcome. You can ask for recommendations about which kit is best suitable for your lifestyle. The sooner you start detoxing, the higher the chances of getting completely clean. Once you start your detox journey, it is best to quit smoking weed because otherwise all of this is pointless.