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Choosing a Meal Deliver Company

For some, such as the elderly or working parents, meal delivery is a wonderfully convenient way to get healthy, nutritious meals. Unfortunately, not all meal delivery services are created equally. Meal services differ drastically in quantity, quality and price. It is extremely important for your health and safety that your meal service is the right one for your needs.

Do Your Research

When you are looking at meal delivery services, you need to do some research. This research should include company food safety standards, nutrition standards and customer complaints. It would be best if you verified that the company you choose has proper procedures in place for food that gets too hot or too cold during delivery. It would help if you also made certain that the company is following all guidelines for safe cooking and food handling before it leaves for your home. The company should always follow safe food handling, processing and delivery guidelines.

Find a Company That Delivers When Someone Is Home

A company that offers flexible and fixed delivery times is preferable to one that delivers on its schedule. Simply leaving a box of cooked or uncooked food on a porch or over a fence can cause major issues with foodborne illness, insects and rodents. You should be home when the food is delivered and if you cannot be home, have them deliver to an alternate address or give them access to a safe place to store your food.

Food should never be left out in the heat or where something other than you can get to it. You should speak with the company before ordering to find out what their policies on safe delivery are. During this conversation, you can also find out what recourse you have if the food is left out inappropriately or the packaging is damaged.

Make Sure They Use Safe Packaging

There are many packaging options for food. It is up to you to make sure that the delivery company uses products like cold packs or dry ice to keep food safe. All perishable goods need some form of cooling system to ensure they do not go bad in shipping or handling. If they do not use such methods, they have no business delivering food.

These services should also follow the guidelines for cross-contamination. Meats or other animal products should never be packaged together or with other ingredients. Many reputable companies package each ingredient separately to ensure that they do not get contaminated during packing or delivery.

Food should always arrive at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If the company cannot guarantee that it will, find another delivery service. Anything over this temperature can cause bacteria to grow and you to get food poisoning.

By asking questions and reviewing policies, you can make sure that the food delivery is processed and packaged safely for you and your family. Despite the convenience, you should never choose a food delivery company or accept that offers substandard food delivery. It is less expensive in the long run when you check out any delivery service before ordering.