Why are anticonvulsants used to treat bipolar disorder?

Patients with bipolar disorder are normally treated using anticonvulsants. This medication is effective in mood stabilization and as a result, it prevents relapses while reducing depression and mania.

Interestingly, bipolar disorders don’t cause convulsions — so why are these drugs used to treat mental health problems? Well, they emerged as good mood stabilizers when they were initially used to treat epilepsy. They can be used alone or with other medications.

Bipolar disorders can be categorized into various aspects and as a result, some anticonvulsants work better with some aspects of this mental illness. For instance, Lamictal is really good at treating depression. On the other hand, mania can be effectively treated using Tegretol and Depakote. Some anticonvulsants are good at stabilizing an individual’s mood but perform poorly when it comes to treating immediate symptoms.

If you’re like most people, then choosing the ideal drug for your problem can be as confusing as choosing between Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Let’s look at some of the best anticonvulsants in the market.

GABATOP 300 (Gabapentin)

This drug is made up of 300mg of Gabapentin. By affecting your body’s nerves and chemicals, this anticonvulsant prevents or cures epilepsy-related seizures in children and adults. Gabatop also comes in handy when a patient is suffering from nerve pain or damage. Your doctor will guide you on whether to use it alone or with another drug.You risk increasing seizures if you stop using this drug abruptly.

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Gabasign 300 mg (Gabapentin)

This prescription drug is what you need to deal with a bipolar disorder. Aside from stabilizing the mood of the patient, it can help in treating restless leg syndrome and nerve pain. It is also used to control seizures in epileptic people. This anticonvulsant drug alters the brain’s electrical activities to achieve the desired results. This means that Gabasign in fluences how messages are sent between nerve cells — it does this by controlling the neurotransmitters’ chemical actions.

This drug is consumed orally; it is normally crushed or chewed. Follow the doctor’s instructions when administering it to a patient.

Can I drink my favorite whisky as I use this drug? No! No! No! You should shun alcohol and other substances that cause drowsiness unless you have your doctor’s approval.

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Side effects

Understanding this mental problem can be as hard as Chinese algebra but you can easily gage your progress by observing your symptoms and side effects. When you’re taking anticonvulsants, your doctor might choose tomonitor your health through occasional blood tests. Some of these drugs can decrease blood platelets in addition to causing kidney and liver damage.

Be warned:The anticonvulsants normally have different side effects although some of them are similar. The common ones include:

  • Weight gain
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Rash
  • Tremor
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness

As time passes by, the impact of these side effects keeps on reducing. However, it is important to take note of some of the common long-term effects we have listed below.

  • In general, anticonvulsants are known to increase chances of birth defects if they are used by pregnant women. Pregnant women should only use these drugs with a doctor’s approval.
  • Remember to avoid supplements, herbs and other drugs while you’re using anticonvulsants. You can only use them with your doctor’s permission.
  • It is common practice for your doctor to monitor your liver in order to avoid long term liver problems.

Import note: Regular depression is treated differently frombipolar depression. This means that you should keep away from antidepressants. You don’t want to evoke a maniac episode or worsen your bipolar disorder by using antidepressants. If you have to use an antidepressant then use it with a mood stabilizer.

Bottom line

By now you must have realized that you don’t have to stress yourself over bipolar disorder because it is actually controllable.This mental illness can be treated or reduced when a patient religiously consumes his or her prescribed medication and avoidsdrug interactions. It is also important to keep records of your side effects so that your doctor can gage your progress. The medication is lifesaving but you can hasten your recovery process by adding other treatments like a healthy diet, stable sleep schedule, exercise and a good social network.

Maybe it’s about time you enrolled for that yoga class, right?