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5 Thoughtful Gifts for Spouses They Won’t Return

Shopping for a spouse can be a challenge. You may find it’s difficult to pick something out they truly want or like. Below are five gift ideas for any spouse that hopefully, they won’t return.

1. Gift Certificates for Pampering

Hardworking spouses and parents often don’t get a lot of quiet time for themselves to relax. Instead of purchasing them a material gift, you could get them a gift certificate to be pampered. A pedicure and manicure appointment, a cleansing Swedish massage Ann Arbor MI, or a full day booked at a spa are a few ideas they may enjoy.

2. A Romantic Trip for Two

Making memories on a special weekend getaway absolutely cannot be returned. Book a short, romantic getaway for you and your spouse to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it’s the beach, the mountains, or a five-star resort, you don’t have to go far to show your love through this gift.

3. Classes

Surprise your spouse with a special date. Book a class for the two of you, like pasta making, wine tasting, or painting. Whatever interest your spouse really enjoys can be included in this gift, or you both can try something new and laugh at the adventure of it.

4. Concert Tickets

Hopefully, you know what music your husband, wife, or partner loves, whether it’s a particular genre or favorite artist. Purchase concert tickets as a gift, and they will see how well you know them and how much you want them to enjoy a special night out together.

5. Spouse’s Choice

If you really can’t think of a gift for your spouse, you could always make the romantic gesture of letting him or her pick what they really want. Don’t take this route out of laziness; instead, make a day of it and go with them to pick something nice out with them.

You know your spouse better than anyone, so use your intuition to find the perfect gift.