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Preparing Your Preschooler for a Wellness Checkup

As children grow, so much changes at a rapid pace and what was once easy may now present a challenge. This is true of taking young children for well visits to the doctor or dentist. Even though it’s not their first time in these types of settings, kids start developing long-term memories a little after age two. The experience can feel brand new and scary to preschoolers. Here are three ways to prepare your young child for a wellness checkup to combat nerves and boost confidence.

Visit the Library for Resource Material

Books are a great way to help children learn about the world around them. In the weeks leading up to their cleaning and exam at Happy Valley pediatric dentistry, look for books that help prepare children for the dentist. Talk to your librarian about the most popular books to prepare kids for a checkup and where to find them.

Role Play at Home With Toys

Most kids have a pretend doctor kit in their home. Take some time to give your child a pretend checkup and be honest about some of the elements they will experience in the office. Instead of insisting that a shot won’t hurt, reassure the child that it is an uncomfortable pinch, but feels better very quickly. Then let them have fun giving you a checkup and playing the role of the reassuring doctor.

Watch TV Show Episodes Geared Towards Health and Wellness

If your preschooler has a favorite TV show or character, search for episodes about visiting the dentist and doctor, or just dealing with fear and anxiety. Watching a hero successfully handle the experience can help encourage children to do the same. Many shows can also introduce mantras or short songs to memorize with your kids to help them mentally prepare for success.

With a little preparation, you can help your preschooler feel more ready for a wellness visit. They may even look forward to the event!