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Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Injections Toronto

Nowadays, lips augmentation is as common as highlighting hair. But, lips augmentation comes with many risks especially when it is performed by inexperienced hands. Now, you must have a query in your mind that is there any non-surgical procedure that enhances your lips? The answer is yes, you can make your lips more appealing with Lip Injections Toronto. Here are a few FAQs that everybody wants to know before heading to the procedure:

What filler suits me?

There are mainly two types of fillers such as; temporary and permanent. If you’re trying this procedure for the first time, then temporary will be best for you as it can be reversible. Otherwise, you can go with permanent, but remember you can’t change anything after the permanent fillers.

Can I remove my fillers if I’ll not get the desired result?

If you have gotten temporary fillers and don’t like the results, you can reverse your lips to the earlier shape. For doing this, a surgeon injects an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase into your lips that break up the particles and accelerate the rate at which the fillers break down. After the procedure, you will get instant results, but the best effect comes after a few days.

Are there any risks involved in fillers?

While fillers are usually considered a ‘ lunchtime procedure ‘, they are rarely come with severe hazards e.g. vascular occlusion (rare but can lead to tissue necrosis). Therefore, before making the final decision you should go through its involved risks.

What about its cost?

The cost of fillers may vary from $550 to $2,000. The price varies with the type of filler, the quantity of filler, the doctor, the area in which you live. Whatever the case, don’t forget to go to an experienced surgeon as the cheaper choice may not worth your money well.

How long do fillers last?

It lasts for six months approximately. But for some people, they could last a few months longer – and for others, they can also dissolve more quickly. How long your lips will remain firm and how quickly the filler will dissolve depends on the metabolism of your body.

Do lip fillers hurt?

When you get numbed, you may feel some tightness and mild pressure. Once the filler has been applied, the lips will feel a mild throbbing, but if you are addicted, it should not be too uncomfortable. The surgeon then massages your lips for ten minutes with the ice and lets you go about your day.