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3 Best Gym Exercises that you should do

If you are not getting good enough results from your gym exercises, then there might be reasons that you are doing them well, or else you have chosen the right exercises for your body type.

You are already spending your time in the gym to make your exercise life benefitting but functional, but are you doing the thing you are supposed to do to get the desired results.

For this, you should be mindful enough not to fall short of efficiency in choosing the best exercises for your body type. You don’t have to search for them a lot as we have mentioned the 3 best gym exercises that you can go for to get definite results.

These exercises will let you forget about any daily supplements you are taking along with your gym exercises to extract the benefits and provide you with many benefits alone.

Here are they:


The squat is most commonly known as the king of exercises, and it works well to provide benefits not only to your lower body but also to the core of your body.

When you go for the squat, you can get a healthy boost of testosterone flowing through your body. This will help increase your muscle strength and mass and help you lose the extra calories you have put on.

Bench press

This is another gym exercise that you can go for as an energy booster. This will provide you a strong and firm upper body. Your chest, hips as well as triceps are included in the motion.

You can try various angles of the bench, including flat, incline, and also decline. This will help you incline your muscles’ multiple areas to be involved in exertion and stimulate progression.

Also, close grip, wide grip, and reverse grip patterns might help you make your exercise time more beneficial.


To get your rear body into work and extract benefits from your exercise, you should consider go for rows exercise. It is one of those great exercises that build up your back and biceps and hit your core to stabilize your body further.

Note: You should try avoiding momentum while doping this exercise to avoid any strains in your body; this is one of the worst mistakes that most people nowadays make.

What you can do is:

  1. Make slow and controlled movements.
  2. It would help if you varied your equipment for the exercise; use dumbbells, cables, or bars.
  3. It would help if you also tried to vary the speed of your movements. You can use the consistently slow speed for each 2 rep. Upgrade the rate to a moderate pace 2 weeks later and then increase the speed when your muscles get used to it.

Some Final Suggestions

Although these exercises are some of the best ones that can upgrade your health to the next level of strength, you still need to do them in the right way to provide you the most benefits for which you are doing them without wasting your time.