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Drug and Alcohol Test Kits for Home or Business


The impact of the ever-changing world of legal drugs vs. illegal drugs and the political arena is constantly felt by employers. After the last midterm election in 2018, 33 states currently have some form of legalized marijuana use. With changes such as the legalization of marijuana use, employers have to be constantly vigilant and up to speed on compliance issues especially regarding state and federal laws such as FMLA and the ADA and their own company policies.

Aside from maintaining compliance for legal and regulatory issues, employers also face another aspect that requires additional legal compliance. Most employers, especially those working in hazardous environments, have job applicant hopefuls drug tested after extending a job offer. Similarly, many of those same employers may also perform random drug testing. For those employers the avenue for performing those tests and keeping in compliance becomes one of reliability in how they perform the drug testing. Some employers may choose to send people to a nearby clinic, while others opt to use testing kits that provide immediate results or get sent to a lab for further testing.

When it comes to keeping the liability of an employer safe, there are many choices available that sell drug and alcohol testing kits. Local pharmacies may have some limited options, but with modern technology the best place to look is online. One place that makes test kits available is a site like There are many other websites like this one where you can find a wide range of testing kits. The kits available online are numerous and depending on your need will provide exactly what you are looking for. Some kits have multiple panel testing, some have one or just a few. Also available are saliva tests or urine tests. These different test kits can be used in the comfort of your own home, or for employees seeking drug tests as part of a background process.

Something to consider when looking to use an instant test kit vs. a clinic or sending a test into a lab is cost. Clinics and labs do cost a little more than your average quick-test. Some kits can be as low as $5 up to $75, while a clinic or lab can exceed $100. For a large company that may have a revolving door of employees, that cost could add a lot of weight to the bottom line. More and more, employers are switching to instant test kits for ease of use and cost reduction especially if ordered in bulk. For an individual that needs to use a test kit at home occasionally, purchasing one online could save them time and money.

With so many options for using instant test kits rather than foregoing a more expensive and time-consuming option such as a clinic or sending results to a lab it is no wonder that more and more employers and private users are electing the quicker, less expensive instant kits. The internet provides so many options for those kits, and greater affordability. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.