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What Does MTF Transition Look Like?

Transitioning from male to female has many aspects, including physical, social, and legal. No two transgender individuals will have the same transition goals or experiences. While each person will go through a different process, there are many common threads that are shared among the majority of transgender women. Here are some standard milestones that many transgender women experience.


One of the first steps that many transgender women take towards transitioning is hormones. In addition to being given estrogen, a person will be given hormones to block the production of testosterone. This will typically result in the redistribution of fat (including breast growth), thinning of body hair, and softer skin among other things.

Hair Removal

While hormones may assist in thinning hair, they will not completely remove it. Many trans women will want to go through several rounds of laser hair removal Columbia MD in order to achieve the look that they want.

Breast Augmentation

Usually, after taking hormones for some time, a trans woman might consider breast augmentation. This will add to the small amount of breast growth that is usually prompted by hormones.

Facial Feminization

Often, a trans woman may pursue something called facial feminization surgery (FFS). This is a form of cosmetic surgery that adjusts the facial features to appear more feminine. This procedure mosty focuses on bone structure and nose re-shaping, although adjustments to the soft tissue can be made if desired.

Bottom Surgery

One of the biggest steps in a transfeminine transition is receiving either an orchiectomy, a vulvoplasty, or a vaginoplasty (all of these procedures are also colloquially referred to as “bottom surgery”). These procedures can help alleviate dysphoria by either changing the appearance to become more feminine, or removing the testicles which produce testosterone.

These are just some of the different steps a transgender woman might take towards physical transition. There are a million ways to be a woman, so nobody’s journey is going to look the same.