Manage stress with mindfulness meditation

The meditation mindfulness is an original meditation technique that seems to have found an audience of more and more as the demand for new therapies is felt. The search for well-being and innovative therapies, are only following the frenetic pace of modern life that causes multiple pathologies. Mindfulness training Sheffield only responds to a daily suffering that only asks for an effective response.

Mindfulness meditation against stress

Mindfulness Mediation is about dealing with stress, a factor of depression and anxiety on a daily basis, as well as many other negative reactions and destructive emotions. With busy lives and busy schedules, it’s also easy to find yourself spending a day in “autopilot” and missing some aspects of life. Mindfulness meditation is a way for people to fight these problems. Thus, it will be question in this article to present this particular technique of meditation and finally to present its benefits.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation helps you gain awareness or sharpen your awareness of what is around you and everything you do. It is easier for everyone to lock themselves into a state of suffering and not to recognize their own patterns of behavior, the attitudes, emotions and actions that start to take over your own personality.

Sometimes it seems easier to let the habit, external circumstances and influences, “push” us daily, and that’s when that kind of process is already under way, that life seems to start taking on the appearance of a sort of “existing unconscious”.

If it is impossible for any individual to change anything that has not already been the object of conscious work, mindfulness meditation finds utility in helping to perceive what, in the individual, was simply “in itself”, to pass to the stage of “for oneself” , or to the passage to the representation, well-known concept of the Hegelian philosophy and especially in the famous “Phenomenology of the spirit”.

To liberate oneself by meditation in full consciousness?

It is essential to practice mindfulness meditation on a daily basis because only diligent practice can help to become aware of the patterns in which a person is locked up.

The practice of mindfulness meditation causes the brain to treat emotions differently. Mindfulness meditation gives the person who meditates with this technique stability to his own emotional states while decreasing depression and anxiety. Participants learn to process information without immediate reaction.

Mindfulness meditation involves the exercise of compassion, patience and the acceptance of all things can serve us in various ways. Achieving emotional stability is an advantage in itself, but it can serve us in many ways.

Mindfulness meditation is a “positive meditation”

Mindfulness meditation therefore tends towards emotional stability, one can achieve a better understanding and self-appreciation, which gives a more positive attitude towards life. Several studies have shown that positive thinking is good for our health.

Positive thinking is known to have far-reaching effects on our health, both physical and emotional. Optimists generally have better immunity and heart health because of the absence of depression and anxiety.

Positive thoughts help the body’s resistance see to mitigate the known hormonal effects in women.

The benefits of mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation has been the subject of various studies. A study conducted in particular by Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University showed that participants who practiced mindfulness meditation for two to six months experienced a reduction in anxiety, depression, and depression. The effects of mindful mediation also continued to work well even when participants did not engage in this type of meditation on a regular basis.

The effects of mindfulness mediation

Once this awareness is realized through multiple meditation sessions, the meditator can begin to see their life from a different perspective or from another angle and begin to see where they can make changes and changes. improvements. In general, mindfulness meditation techniques help people gain a more balanced , realistic, more ingrained vision of their behaviors, attitudes and actions.

As you become aware of the different aspects of your life, your unique situation and the environment around you through mindfulness mediations, it helps your body to relax and at the same time relieves your nervous system. Therefore, stress can be greatly reduced simply by becoming conscious through the process of meditation.