General Recommendations For Optimal Health -  Improving Your Nutritional Intake

General Recommendations For Optimal Health – Improving Your Nutritional Intake

It has been my experience that the right diet is one of the most important factors for good health. The physiological environment you create as a result of the foods you eat, combined with your Apo E genotype, are crucial factors in preventing dis-ease and maintaining your cellular balance. These elements are all part of creating the right internal environment:o Choose organic, whole foods.o Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.o Eat balanced amounts and types of protein, carbohydrate, and fats.o Eat slowly.o Choose appropriate food portions.o Cut back on excessive caffeine and alcohol.o Avoid eating gmo, chemically treated, and processed food.o Stop eating on the run.o Eat foods that taste delicious and feel good to your soul as well as your body.Regular Physical ActivityRegular physical activity is as important as good eating habits. The following routines are a few examples of beneficial activities that contribute to optimal health. Whether it’s one of these, a combination, or other activities, you’ll get the greatest benefit if you do them regularly.o aerobic (cardiovascular) exerciseo anaerobic (strengthening) exerciseso flexibility exerciseso daily walksGreater Self-AwarenessAs you make your lifestyle changes, you can enhance the process by documenting it as you go along. Self-expression activities are a great vehicle for keeping in touch with how you feel about personal changes. Be sure to choose an activity that you feel comfortable with and can do regularly. These are a few examples.o painting, sculpting, or other art practiceo musico journaling or writingRelaxation or Stress-Reduction PracticesThese examples are just a few techniques my patients have used successfully. Tryone that appeals to you:o meditation or contemplationo mindfulness practiceo balancing your time between work and playSpiritual PracticesWhile the following examples may be unfamiliar, you can find out if they can help in your life by trying them on for size. This is no different than trying new foods. If you don’t like the flavor of the activity, then find something else.o inward disciplines (meditation, prayer, study)o outward disciplines (simplicity, solitude, submission, service)o incorporate disciplines (confession, guidance, worship, celebration)o remember the things that matter to youOther RecommendationsThe following suggestions are general recommendations for overall health and well being.o Improve your sleep patterns.o Start a new class (for instance, educational or development class, yoga, tai chi).o Practice preventive oral hygiene (flossing, regular dental checkups).o Stay connected with friends and family.o Be optimistic.o Be caring and kind.Unhealthy Practices or Behaviors to Eliminate Practicing the positive behaviors above will likely make it easier to eliminate unhealthy behaviors. Take some quiet time to think about particular behaviors that might be in your best interest to change. The following are examples of typical behaviors to eliminate:o poor food intakeo poor exercise and movement habitso drug/alcohol usageo driving too fasto tobacco useo negative thinking