Prenatal Dental Care Is Vital for Expectant Mothers

If you are pregnant or plan to start your family soon, now is an appropriate time for you to consider your dental care. If you don’t have a dental home you normally go to, you should start your search for a Park Slope Family dentistry now. Though your teeth and gums may be the last things on your mind, they play a key role in your health and can have a significant impact on the outcome of your pregnancy.

Routine Care Is Necessary

The health of your teeth and gums will suffer during your pregnancy if you are not careful. This is because a developing fetus requires many nutrients from the mother. Though you may plan on taking prenatal vitamins to help prevent deficiencies and support a healthy pregnancy, the baby will take what it needs from directly from your body’s stores first. Also, some expectant mothers require more supplementation than others or are not able to get all the nutrients they need to sustain themselves and their developing babies from their diets and prenatal vitamins alone.

Certain Ailments Increase Dental Vulnerability

Pregnancy is not always easy or enjoyable. Some women end up suffering from short and long-term morning sickness and other discomforts that compromises their oral health. Constant exposure to the acidic content of vomit, GERD, and more can cause tooth decay and gum disease. It is not uncommon for some pregnant women to ignore their oral health altogether. After all, their teeth and gums may be more sensitive to pressure and temperatures or the taste of their toothpaste or use of the toothbrush may trigger their gag reflex and induce vomiting.

Poor oral hygiene and a lack of proper and routine dental care can cause pregnancy complications, such as miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery, and low birth weight. Part of giving your baby the best start at life means taking appropriate actions during conception and pregnancy that include maintaining good oral health and seeing your dentist for prenatal dental care.