Are Clear Aligners Right For You?

Invisalign is a type of clear tooth aligners that can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted because it is Invisible, removable, and comfortable. It is invisible so no one can tell that you are aligning your teeth. Now you can smile more, during, and after treatment. Removable Invisalign aligners can be removed to eat and drink whatever you want during treatment, or when you have an important event. In addition, brushing and cleaning with dental floss will no longer be a problem.

The Comfort

It is comfortable because you will no longer be wearing metal because they do not cause abrasions in the mouth during the treatment. And no metal or wire usually means you’ll spend less time in your doctor’s office making adjustments.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is advanced 3D and CAD/CAM technology, and digital dentistry, which allows you to view your own virtual treatment plan so you can see how your teeth will be positioned at the end of your Invisalign treatment. For all patients who are wearing the Invisalign invisible orthodontic system, teaches the key points to be concerned about as it relates to cleaning clear aligners.

Steps To Follow

Here are the specific steps to follow in cleaning your clear aligners:

  1. Remove the Invisalign aligner and wash it with tap water.
  2. Apply mild soap to your clear aligner using a soft bristle brush
  3. Brush in small circles both on the outside and inside of the aligner.
  4. Once you finish brushing, rinse again with water at room temperature.
  5. Check the aligner for any white stains. Just like the teeth, the aligners can be stained with tartar.
  6. If you find white spots, you can rinse your Invisalign aligner in water with effervescent tablets for dental prostheses such as Corega Tabs sold in pharmacies.

TIPS: Do not soak your aligner in mouthwash. Most mouthwashes contain colored pigments that can stain them.

What To Avoid

Toothpaste can dull Invisalign aligners, which is why it is recommended to wash them with water and mild hand soap. Clean your Invisalign Clear Aligner every time you brush your teeth to prevent future plaque problems.

A good trick to cleaning your aligner is to use an electric toothbrush or soak it in water with effervescent toothpaste. Using hot water to wash your aligner should be avoided as heat can affect the shape of the aligner. When you need to move on to the next pair of retainers, wash the old ones and store them clean in their box. Sometimes it is necessary to go back to previous retainers and therefore, they must be stored clean.